Rosa’s top ten models:

because i can. (note: the order of appearance is not from most favorite to least favorite. i love them all too much to choose who my favorite actually, so it’s just random. got it? kfanks)

MATHIAS LAURIDSEN – this danish boy’s eyes and lips is where the whole model obsession started. so thank you, mathias, for being absolutely gorgeous.

JON KORTAJARENA – omg omg omg omg omg omg lkdsbkjdnvklbnds fkjsnd;la.

NICOLAS BEMBERG – as i’ve preached before: “he has eyes that could melt icebergs, lips that could set hearts on fire, and cheekbones as sharp as a …. sharp thing.”

FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI- ciao. my little brazil obsession. he’s hot. ’nuff said.

NATE GILL – hottest. guy. ever.

ROBBIE WADGE – a more recent obsession, robbie is just adorable! and sexy at the same time. it’s unbelievable.

JOSH BEECH – oh those tats. oh that nose! as if it were carved by michael angelo himself. not to mention his smile. -melts-

ASH mother fucking STYMEST – he’s arrogant, crude and just fucking HILARIOUS. gotta love his ginormous ego and those heart melting eyes. not to mention the wicked tats.

COLE MOHR – he’s hilarious! ’nuff said.

JEREMY DUFOUR – oh my god. the french sure are sexy.


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