Phoenix concert

So as Rosa had told you I was at the concert last night. We waited in line for like about 45 minutes. We got in and I WAS SO EXCITED ,we sat FRONT ROW like right where the fence was. When Neon Indian went on it got pretty hectic, you can only imagine how it was when phoenix came on . I was a bit upset that I can barley hear  the guitar solo in Neon Indian’s song “Ephemeral Artery”  :(. It was still great though . I was already really stoked that I was RIGHT infront, when they came on I went nuts and FIFi just went ballistic!! Lol .Everyone was super squished.Oh and then Thomas started walking down to where we were and I was hyperventilating you’ll never guess what happened next he literally came RiGHT infront of us at one point my nose touched his stomach your probably thinking “why didn’t you touch more?”, believe me, I did . I didn’t know what to do so I reached and I paused then I touched his stomach , legs, HAND, ear ,arm OMG it was like a dream come true. It was so awesome when he went crowd surfing ,I almost touched his shoe but I didn’t.In the end I was one happy camper :D


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